Dollar Spot

We have started seeing this in multiple lawns with the humidity lately! Check to make sure your lawn doesn’t have dollar spot! Dollar spot is a fungal disease that damages the leaves but not the roots of grass. It causes large amounts of readily apparent straw-colored spots roughly the size of a silver dollar. Looking at infected blades of grass up close you can see yellow spots shaped like an hourglass. Fungicide treatments may be necessary but you can do things to help prevent dollar spot….

Keep lawn no shorter than 2.5 inches.
Avoid early or late watering. The longer the leaf blade stays moist the more of a chance for fungal diseases to spread.
Schedule a Liquid Aeration if you haven’t already. Healthy aerated soils keep turf healthy and less susceptible to diseases.


Grub Alert!

By now you should have received your grub preventative if you were scheduled for it. In Mid August we begin noticing grub damage like the picture above. ( Customers lawn in 2015 that didn’t get grub preventative).
Turf damage caused by grub feeding injury to roots is most severe under drought conditions, when water-stressed grass plants cannot grow new roots to replace injured ones. The damage is typically observed when the turf fails to turn green in the early spring. In heavily infested areas, entire lawns may turn brown and die during prolonged periods of dry weather in the fall or spring.
If you notice anything looking funny take a picture and email it to us or schedule a service call.


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