A 50 x 50ft healthy lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four!!

Lawns and Landscapes reduce noise levels by 30% compared to concrete & pavement.


Tick Alert!!!!

Ticks are already active. We have had multiple calls on ticks found in yards and tick bites already this season. Mild winters have contributed to higher than normal tick populations. Be sure to wear long pants and use a bug spray with 20% Deet when doing yard work. Removal:
If you are bit by a tick remove it as quickly as possible.When removing use tweezers to get as close to the head as possible. Be sure all of the tick is out and scrub the area with antibacterial soap. If you have flu like symptoms or a rash start go to the doctors right away and tell them about your tick bite!

Call a professional:
An EnviroTurf Specialist can treat your lawn and other target areas for mosquito, fleas, and ticks!


Refer a friend or family member and you both save! For every referral you send our way we will credit your account $20.00 and they will receive $15.00!!! This is an unlimited program, we have customers that pay their whole season by simply telling their friends about the great service they have received.

Spring Liquid Aeration Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for mechanical aeration’s
  • No risk of hitting sprinkler heads
  • Works deep into the root zone and beyond
  • Reduces soil compaction and loosens clay
  • Helps improve fertilizer availability in the root zone.
  • Helps generate the soil-improving microbes necessary for humus formation
  • Improves overall plant health
  • Improves rooting by both loosening soil and stimulating root growth
  • Improves air and water penetration
  • Helps save water & reduce plant stress and disease
  • Improves drainage & prevents erosion


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