The Importance of Winter Fertilization for Your Lawn

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Fertilizing in the winter may seem like an odd thing to do. After all, plants can’t grow when the ground is frozen, right? Though that is true, your lawn still needs nutrients to endure the winter. The importance of winter fertilizer cannot be overstated!

Green Lawns Can Be Deceiving: What You Never Knew About Fertilizer

You may think that the greenest lawns are also the healthiest. So, you diligently water and fertilize your lawn in the spring and summer, hoping to achieve fast growth and a lawn that has a vibrant green hue indicative of a healthy lawn. Even though fertilizing your lawn in the spring and summer can lead to achieving that pleasing color, there’s no telling how healthy your lawn’s root system is. The healthiest lawns are those that possess moderate growth and high density – so don’t trust that your lawn is healthy just because it is a vibrant green.

Treat the Root of the Problem: Fertilize Your Root System

Here’s how your grass survives the winter; top growth slows in the winter and eventually as daylight shortens and the temperatures drop the plant goes dormant. During this time, while the top growth slows the grass plant is still busy socking away nutrients to the roots so it will have plenty of energy to come back out of dormancy next spring. That means your grass absorbs the nutrients in fertilizer during fall and winter and applies it directly to the root system.

A strong root system can make or break your lawn during stressful conditions. Strengthening your lawn’s root system throughout the fall and winter months will give you lawn reserves to draw from during the stress full summer months.

  • The best time to apply winter fertilizer is in the fall when the top growth of your grass slows. This usually happens in November or early December. You grass will be green on top and have an active root system. Applying winter fertilizer in the fall follows the natural pattern for your grass, it takes in nutrients and stores them during the fall and uses them in the spring. This also helps to avoid flushes of growth during the spring and keeps your lawn much healthier.

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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

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To protect our environment and Michigan’s water, we apply the highest quality lawn fertilization and weed control products at the proper rates and timing. Our highly trained specialists are taught to recognize individual lawn needs. We also offer soil tests to have a lawn care program customized to your individualized lawn needs. View our Lawn Fertilization Services

The EnviroTurf Green Program is the base program. Consisting locally blended slow release fertilizer applications as well as a crabgrass pre-emergent and 2 weed controls. A lawn specialists will tweak this program depending on needs of your lawn. A grub preventative is included in this program and FREE for first year customers.

EnviroTurf Enterprises sets a new standard for the lawn care and pest control industry. End the days of being just another stop to a large company that you have no connection with. This year PARTNER with an EnviroTurf specialist and enjoy the greenest-pest free lawn on the block!

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