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Perimeter pest control protects the treated property from a variety of infestations. There are dozens of kinds of bugs that can wreak havoc in your yard. Grasshoppers, beetles, ants, and other insects can damage grass and other plants. Protecting your landscaping from damaging insects certainly falls within the job description of your lawn care company.

Michigan Perimeter Pest Control Service

Protect Your Family with Perimeter Pest Control

Plenty of bugs can also cause hassles for people and pets who use an untreated lawn. Spiders, ticks, and fire ants are just the beginning. All of them can easily ruin a barbecue or cause harm to everyone in attendance. Perimeter pest control can prevent many kinds of bugs from entering the treated property.

While perimeter pest control doesn’t keep all insects off the property, it will greatly reduce the number of ants and spiders you have to deal with in your house. There’s a good chance your landscaping plants and grass will look healthier. Your outdoor pets will also have a far lower chance of bringing fleas or ticks into the house, or becoming ill due to their bites.

How Does Perimeter Pest Control Work?

It works just like it sounds: your landscaping company treats the perimeter of your property with a product that eliminates bugs from the area inside the perimeter – including your home. It doesn’t matter whether the perimeter of your yard involves a fence, shrubs, or just grass. A perimeter pest control product can be applied to nearly anything that is situated on the edge of your lawn.

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