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Liquid Aeration (Soil Conditioner)

With this application, a soil conditioner is applied to your lawn. This liquid solution is sprayed onto your lawn to break up clay matter and aerate the soil. Loosened soil increases water, oxygen, and nutrient penetration.

Also included in this application is numerous organic minerals and humates. Not only does this application help break down compaction, it actually starts building a healthier soil!

It should also be noted that unlike mechanical aerations, this treatment has no risk of sprinkler head damage!

Grub Preventative

With this application a preventative insecticide is applied to GUARANTEE no grub damage in your lawn. This application is applied in June-July before hatch time for the best control.

European chafer grubs feed  on grass roots from August to November and from March to early May. If not prevented, grubs normally aren’t noticed until damage is done. At that point an insecticide is needed to kill active grubs and reseeding will probably need to be done. The best course of action is preventative to eliminate any damage before it happens. 

Soil Test

Have a soil test scheduled to determine your exact lawns requirements and we will customize you a lawn care program.

Nitrogen is directly responsible for producing leaf growth and green leaves. A deficiency causes yellow leaves and stunted growth. A quality slow release nitrogen is essential to a healthy lawn and landscape.

Phosphorus is the main deficiency we have been seeing in lawns and landscapes. It plays a direct role in flower development. Phosphorus aids the plants resistance to disease and winterkill. Without a soil test proving a deficiency, we cannot legally apply phosphorus to your lawn.

K Potash strengthens the plant. It helps for carbohydrates and promotes protein synthesis. Plants deficient in potash are usually stunted and have poorly developed roots.

Ideal PH for turf is 6-7.


If you plan on doing any seeding in the spring or fall, please let us know at the beginning of the season. Our first application includes a crabgrass pre-emergent that will prevent the germination of grass seed as well as crabgrass.

If your lawn has a few bare areas in the fall or spring our technicians can recommend the proper blend of seed to overseed with. In sunny areas we usually recommend a sunny special blend including Turf-Type Tall Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Perennial Rye.

There are a number of seed blends to use depending on the conditions of your property and 0ur specialists will make recommendations if seeding seems necessary.

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